Over the Line Tournament

The annual OTL Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 24 at Stonebridge beginning at 7:30am.

Tournament Info

We are playing on grass and are using a 16” “Chicago style” softball. This format has been used the past few years and has received very positive feedback.

It will be a 4-team round robin on each court, then advance to single elimination playoffs. Each team is guaranteed 4 games.

BBQ food, snacks, beer, soda, water, and other great food and drinks are included in the registration price. In addition, each participant will receive an Old Pros OTL hat.

Team Info

Teams will consist of 3 or 4 person teams. While it is our goal to have as many SROP members as possible, you do not need to be an SROP members to participate.

Like years past, we will have a female court. So if you are a woman or know women who would like to play please have them register.

Glove Rules

Every team is allowed to use one glove. For every player on your team that is 45 and older, you can use an additional glove.

As an example, if your team has everyone 30 years old, you get one glove. If your teams has 2 30 year olds and one 50 year old you get two gloves. If your team has one 30 year old and two 50 year olds, you get three gloves.


Individual 3 Man Team 4 Man Team
Registration $50 $150 $200

OTL Tournament Czars

Kyle Sandsmark Email Kyle
Mike Osborne Email Mike


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